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Alerme, P. E.De la danse, considérée sous le rapport de l'éducation physique, par P.-E. Alerme.1830FL#229 Paris, Les Marchands de nouveautés, 1830. An important early nineteenth-century physiology of dance, the author provides extensive discussion on the importance of dance. Numerous extractions from Alerme's text can be found throughout later nineteenth-century dance literature. 114 p. 21 cm.;LOC: GV1595.A4
Barnett, Jos. H.Barnett's broom brigade tactics, and fan drill1890EP1978
Beale, Alfred M.Calisthenics and light gymnastics for home and school1888EP1888
Blaike, WilliamSound bodies for our boys and girls1884EP1884
Bojus, Prof. Gustav H.Dumb bell exercises1912EP912
Duncan, Raymond (1874-1966)La danse et la gymnastique, par Raymond Duncan; conférence faite le 4 mai 1914, à l'Université hellénique, Salle de géographie1914FL#062 Paris, Akademia Raymond Duncan, 1914. Originally an address, given by the brother of famed dancer, Isadora Duncan, at a conference in May 1914 at the Université Hellenique, Duncan discusses the renaissance and importance of gymnastics and the systems of physical culture based on Greek models. 18 p 22 cm;LOC: GV1798.D8
Emerson, Charles W.Physical culture1891EPTBoston, Mass, Emerson College of Oratory. Also rev 1905.
Forrester, FrancisMinnie's playroom; or, how to practise calisthetics1853EPBoston 1853 Rand & Avery, aslo rev 1856.
Jacques, D. H.Philosophy of human beauty; or, hints toward physical perfection1867EP1867
Morton, Marguerite W.Ideal drills1903EP1903
Stecher, W. A.Gymnastics, a text-book of the German-American system of Gymnastics1896EP1896
Trall, R. T.Illustrated family gymnasium1857EP1857
Vitu, Auuste & Paul FarnesePhysiologie de la Polka (polemic rather than instructional)1844FpParis 1844 Chez L'Editeur
Willard, E. M.Favorite books of drills1907EP1907