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Accum, FrederickTreatise on adulterations of food, and culinary poisons1820EPSt. Louis, MO 1966 Mallinckrodt Mallinckrodt collection of food classics, vol. II
Allen, Ida C.Mrs. Allan's cook book1917EPBoston 1917c Small, Maynard & Co. Pages loose
American OrphanAmerican cookery: or, the art of dressing viands...1812EPWalpole, NH n.d. Walpole Historical Soc.
Appert, M.Art of preserving all kinds of animal and vegetable...1812EPSt. Louis, MO n.d. Mallinckrodt Mallinckrodt collection of food classics, vol. I
Archbold, RickLast dinner on the Titanic1997EPNew York 1997 Hyperion/Madison Menus and recipes from the great liner
Aresty, Esther B.Delectable past1964EPNew York 1964c Simon & Schuster
Beecher, CatherineMiss Beecher's domestic receipt-book1846EPNew York 1859 Harper & Brothers 3rd ed.
Beeton, IsabellaBeeton's book of household management1861EPLondon 1982 Chancellor Press. Also U.S.A. 1977 Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
Beeton, IsabellaBeeton's every-day cookery and housekeeping book1865EPNew York 1984 Gallery Books
Benton, Caroline F.Little cook book for a little girl1905EP1905
Boston Housekeeper Mrs. N.K.M. LeeAmerican cookbook1864EPNew York 1864 James Miller Includes Cook's own book and Miss Leslie's seventy-five receipts for pastry...
Boston Housekeeper Mrs. N.K.M. LeeCook's own book1832EPAlso rev 1864. Merrifield, VA 1997 Rare Book Republishers Reset version, autographed by E.B. Stewart, editor
Bryan, LetticeKentucky housewife1839EPSouth Carolina 1991 U.S.C. Press
Chadwick, Mrs. J.Home cookery1853EPBirmingham,AL 1984 Oxmoor House Antique American Cookbooks
Child, Lydia M.American Frugal Housewife1833EPBoston n.d. Applewood Books 12th ed.
Clarke, Helen C. & Rulon, Phoebe D.Cook Book of Left-Overs1911EPNew York 1911c Harper & Bros. cover loose
Digbie, KenelmeCloset of Sir Kenelme Digbie Opened1669EPSt. Louis, MO 1967 Mallinckrodt Mallinckrodt Collection of Food Classics, Vol. VI
Driver, Christopher & Berriedale-Johnson, MichellePepys at table1984EPBerkeley, CA 1984 Univ.of Cal.Press
Ellet, Mrs. E.F.New cyclopedia of domestic economy, and practical housekeeper1871EPNorwich, CT 1872 Henry Bill
Escoffier, AugusteGuide to Modern Cookery1909EPLondon 1994 Bracken Books
Farmer, Fannie M.Boston cooking-school cook book1918EPBoston. Also rev 1922 Little, Brown. Also reprint 1973 New York Crown Pub.
Farmer, Fannie M.Catering for special occasions with menus & recipes1911EPBirmingham,AL 1985 Oxmoor House Antique American Cookbooks
Goessling, Adeline O.Farm and home cook book and housekeeper's assistant1907EPSpringfield, MA 1907c Phelps Pub. Co.
Grover, Kathryn, ed.Dining in America, 1850-19001987EPRochester, NY 1987 U. of Mass. Press
Harland, MarionBreakfast, luncheon and tea1875EPNew York 1875 Scribner, Armstrong & Co.
Harland, MarionCommon sense in the household1871EPNew York 1871c Charles Scribner cover loose, t.p. detatched
Haskell, Mrs. E.F.Housekeeper's encyclopedia (Civil War Cooking)1861EPMendocino, CA 1992 Shep
Hill, Mrs. A.P.Confederate receipt book orig. title: Mrs. Hill's new cook book1872EPBirmingham,AL 1985 Oxmoor House Antique American Cookbooks
Hill, Mrs. A.P.Mrs. Hill's new cook book rep.as: Confederate receipt book1872EOBirmingham,AL 1985 Oxmoor House Antique American Cookbooks
Howard, Maria W.Lowney's cook book1912EPBoston 1912 Walter M.Lowney Co. rev.ed.
Howland, Mrs. E. A.American economical housekeeper1845EPWorcester 1845c William Allen Covers det.
Hurd, CherylCome to tea1993EPScotia, NY 1993 Teapot Press
Jackson, H.Essay on bread1758EPSt. Louis, MO 1966 Mallinckrodt Mallinckrodt Collection of Food Classics, Vol. IV,
Johnson, Helen L.Enterprising Housekeeper1898EPPhiladelphia,PA 1898 Enterprise Manufacturing Co.
Johnson, Sharon & Byron A.Authentic guide to drinks of the Civil War era, 1853-18731992EPGettysburg, PA 1992c Thomas Pub.
Joyes, ClaireMonet's table, the cooking journals of Claude Monet1989EPNY 1989 Simon & Schuster
Kander, Mrs. Simon & Mrs. Henry SchoenfeldWay to a man's heart Settlement Cook Book1903EPAlso reprint New York 1985 New American Lib; Bedford, MA 1996 Applewood Books
King, Caroline B.Victorian cakes, a reminiscence with recipes1941EP1986
Ladies of Plymouth Church76, a cook book1876EPDes Moines, IA 1876 Mills & Co. Covers det.
Lady of Charleston Rutledge, SarahCarolina housewife, or house and home1847EOSouth Carolina 1979 U.S.C. Press reprint gives author as Sarah Rutledge
Leopold, Allison K.Victorian frozen dainties1993EPNew York 1993c Clarkson N. Potter
Leopold, Allison K.Victorian preserves, pickles and relishes1992EPNew York 1992c Clarkson N. Potter
Leslie, ElizaDirections for cookery, in its various branches1848EPNew York 1973 Arno Press 31st ed.
Leslie, ElizaSeventy-five receipts, for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats1828EPChester, CT n.d. Applewood Books. Also rev New York 1864 James Miller.
Lewis, T. PercyVictorian book of cakes1900EPLondon 1991 Anness Law Ltd
Lincoln, Mary J.Mrs. Lincoln's Boston cook book1904EPBoston 1911 Little, Brown rev. ed. Cover loose
Marian of EdwinstowePossets, caudles, syllabubs and other drinks ...1985EPMA 1985c Cooks' Guild
Marshall, A.B.Book of ices (Victorian ices & ice cream01885EONew York 1976c Met.Mus.of Art
McCully, HelenAmerican heritage cookbook1964EPNew York 1980c American Heritage
Meyer, AdolpheEggs in a thousand ways1917EPChicago 1917 Hotel Monthly Press
Neil, Marion H.Calendar of dinners with 615 recipes1915EPn.p. 1915 Crisco Co. 8th ed. T.p. missing? Front cover det.
Papin, DenysNew digester or engine for softening bones1681EPSt. Louis, MO 1966 Mallinckrodt Mallinckrodt Collection of Food Classics, Vol. III
Parloa, MariaMiss Parloa's new cook book1880EPBoston 1881 Estes & Lauriat. Also reprint 1976 General Mills reprint of book issued by Washburn, Crosby Co. (flour).
Peek, HopeAntique american recipes from Eliza Leslie's cookbooks1988EPMt.Vernon, NY 1988c Constantia Books
Pierce, PaulDinners and luncheons, novel suggestions for social occasions1907EPChicago 1907 Brewer, Barse Spine broken, covers det.
Pierce, PaulSuppers, novel suggestions for social occasions1907EPChicago 1907 Brewer, Barse Spine broken
Platina Bart.de Sacchi di PiadenaDe honesta voluptate1475IPSt. Louis, MO 1967 Mallinckrodt Mallinckrodt Collection of Food Classics, Vol. V
Poshek, LucyAfternoon tea1992EPYellow Springs, OH 1992c Antioch Pub.Co.
Putnam, Mrs.Mrs. Putnam's receipt book and young housekeeper's assistant1862EPNew York 1862 Blakeman & Mason New ed. broken spine.
Randolph, MaryVirginia housewife or methodical cook1828EPAlso rev 1860, Richmond, VA. Also reprint 1984, Birmingham, AL 1984 House Antique American Cookbooks
Ronald, MaryCentury cook book1895EPNew York 1897 The Century Co.
Rorer, Mrs. S. T.Dainties1904EPPhiladelphia,PA 1904c Arnold & Co.
Rorer, Mrs. S. T.Mrs. Rorer's Philadelphia cook book1886EPPhiladelphia 1886c Arnold & Co. cover loose
Rutledge, SarahCarolina housewife by a Lady of Charleston1847EPSouth Carolina 1979 U.S.C. Press original by a Lady of Charleston
Sass, Lorna J.Christmas feasts1981EPNew York 1981c Met.Mus.of Art
Sass, Lorna J.To the king's taste1975EPNew York 1975c Met.Mus.of Art
Seely, Mrs. L.Mrs. Seely's cook book1902EPBirmingham,AL 1984 Oxmoor House Antique American Cookbooks
Simmons, AmeliaAmerican Cookery First American cookbook1796EPNew York 1984 Dover Pub.
Sweeny, Mary E.War Cook Book1918EPLouisville, KY 1918 Mayes
Tannahill, ReayFood in history1989EP1989
Tschirky, OscarCook book by Oscar of the Waldorf1896EPChicago 1896 Werner Co.
Tschirky, Oscar of the Waldorf-AstoriaCox's Manual of Gelatine Cookery1906EPEdinburgh, Scot. 1906 J.&G.Cox, Ltd
Tyree, Marion C.Housekeeping in old Virginia1879EPLouisville, KY 1965 Favorite Recipes Press
Ude, Louis E.French cook1828EPNew York 1978 Arco
Visser, MargaretMuch depends on dinner1986EPNew York 1986c Grove Press
Visser, MargaretRituals of dinner1991EPNew York 1991c Grove Weidenfeld
Wallace, Lily H.Rumford complete cook book1929EPRumford, RI 1929 Rumford Co. cover loose
Weaver, William W.America eats: forms of edible folk art1989EPNew York 1989c Harper & Row
Weaver, William W.Christmas cookxxxxEP?
Webster, Mrs. A. L.Improved Housewife or book of receipts1845EPBoston 1856 Phillips, Sampson, and Co. 20th ed.
Wells, Ella J.Jewel cook book1890EPChicago 1890 Jewel & Co. Rev. Cover loose, pages loose
Wheaton, Barbara K.Victorian ices & ice cream1885EPNew York 1976c Met.Mus.of Art See Marshal, A.B., above.
Wilson, Mrs. Henry L.Atlanta exposition cookbook1895EP1984
Winslow, Mrs.Mrs. Winslow's Domestic Receipt Book1864EPBoston 1864 G.C.Rand & Avery Pamphlet
naAmerican kitchen magazine (Jan. 1901)1901EPBoston 1901 Home Sci. Pub. Co. v.XIV,no.4 Corners ripped, binding loose.
naBest way book1907EPLondon 1907 Amalgamated Press Covers det., spine broken, pages loose
naBoston Cooking-school magazine1911EPBoston 1911 Bo.Cooking School v.XVI, no.1
naCountry Kitchen 18501850EP1965 sel. from The Young Housekeeper's Friend
naHood's book of home-made candies1905EPLowell, MA 1905 C.I. Hood Co. Hood's candies, no. 2 (pamphlet-17 pages)
naHood's cook book, number threexxxxEPLowell, MA c.1900 C.I. Hood Co. Corners torn
naHood's pickles and preserves etcetera1898EPLowell, MA 1898 C.I. Hood Co.
naHow to operate a fireless cookstove, and choice recipes1917EPToledo, OH 1917c Toledo Cooker Co.
naLadies' indispensible assistant1852EPLouisville,KY 1971 Cookbook Collector's Library
naLloyd George's favourite dishes1974EPCardiff 1974 John Jones Cardiff Ltd
naMetropolitan life cook book1918EPn.p. 1918 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
naMixin's and fixin's1988EPMaynard, MA 1988c Chandler Press
naModern priscilla cook book1924EPBoston 1924 Priscilla Pub. co.
naNew delineator recipes1929EPChicago 1929c Butterick Pub. Co.
naNew England cook book1905EPBoston 1905c Chas. E. Brown cover detatched, binding loose
naPortland woman's exchange cook book1913EPOregon 1987 Oregon Hist.Soc. 2nd.cont.ed. Reset type
naRansom's family receipt book1889EPBuffalo, NY 1889 D. Ransom, Son & Co.
naSuggestions in culinary chemistry1874EPBoston 1874 Rockwell & Churchill Pages all det.