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authortitlepub datelangwhoother
Anon.The Language And Poetry Of Flowers1870cERna
Charles Tilt, publ.The Sentiment Of Flowers1837ERLondon
Dick & Stecher, publ.The Language Of Flowers And How To Grow Flowers...1882ERNY
Edgarton, Miss S.C.The Flower Vase; Containing The Language Of Flowers1848ERLowell
F. W. L.The Language Of Flowers1913Erna
Geographia, publ.The Language Of Flowers1890cERLondon
Greenaway, KateKate Greenaway's Language Of Flowers1884ErN.Y.
Hale, Mrs. SarahFlora's Interpreter And Fortuna Flora1850ERBoston
Osgood, Frances S.The Poetry Of Flowers And Flowers Of Poetry1864ERPhiladelphia
Prudhommeau, Madame GermaineHistoire de la Danse1984ET1984, Paris, Centrede Polycopie, Universitie de Paris
Uncle CharlieThe Language Of Flowers And Floral Conversation1875ERRochester
Wirt, Mrs. E.W.Flora's Dictionary1837ERBaltimore
naLanguage and sentiment of flowers1900EPc. 1900