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authortitlepub datelangwhoother
Aldridge, Arthur F.Brawn and brain considered by noted athletes and thinkers1889EP1889
Author of The SociableBook of 500 curious puzzles1859EP1859
Bancroft, Jessie H.School gymnastics, free hand1900EP1900
Bartlett, Geo. B.New games for parlor and lawn1882EP1882
Beard, D.C.American boys handy book1890EP1983
Beard, Lina and AdelinaAmerican girls handy book1887EP1987
Beaver, PatrickVictorian parlour games1974EP1995
Blain, Mary E.Games for all occasions1909EP1909
Blain, Mary E.Games for Halloween1912EP1912
Blitz, Prof.Boys' own book of indoor sports and choice parlor gamesxxxxEPn.d.
Bullivant, Cecil H.Boy's own handbookxxxxEP1994
Bullivant, Cecil H.Home Fun1910EP1910
Burchenal, ElizabethFolk Dancing and Singing Games1909EJG. Schirmer, Inc. New York. Twenty-six folk dances of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Bohemia, Hungary, Italy, England, Scotland and Ireland; with the music, full directions for performance, and numerous illustrations. Also has dances categorized as dances suitable for : Grass playgrounds, Playgrounds with dirt surfaces, Indoor playgrounds, Small children, Larger boys, Adults, Special Occasions, and Dances of Various Occupations.
Bursill, HenryHand shadows: second series1860EP1971
Bursill, HenryHand shadows to be thrown upon the wall1859EP1967
Case, Carleton B.Parlor games and parties for young and old.1916EP`916
Chadwick, HenryBeadle's dime base-ball player1860EP1996
Child, L. MariaGirl's own book1833EPn.d.
Clarke, WilliamBoy's own book1829EPn.d.
Dawson, MaryMary Dawson game book1916EP1916
Dickinson, DorothyHow to entertain your guestsxxxxEPn.d.
Dowdall, Lt. Harry G.Sham-battle, how to play with toy soldiers1929EP1929
Draper, Andrew S., ed.Draper's self culture: vol. VI, Sports, pastimes and physical culture1907EP1907
E. O. HarbinPhunology - The Book of Good Times - 1000 Games and Entertainment Plans1923EJcopyright Lamar and Burton. Cokesbury Press Nashville/Richmond/Dallas/San Francisco. pp 454
Elsom, J. C. & Trilling, Blanche M.Social games and group dances1919EP1919
Forbush, William B. & Allen, Harry R.Book of games for home, school, and playground1927EP1927
Foster, R. F.Foster's complete hoyle, an encyclopedia of games1909EP1909
Gates, Mrs. Edward P.Successful socials1921EP1921
Geister, EdnaIce-breakers and the ice-breaker herself1921EP1921
Glover, Ellye H.Dame Curtsey's book of guessing contests1912EP1912
Grover, Kathryn, ed.Hard at play1992EP1992 Leisure in America, 1840-1940
H., H. E.Parlor games for the wise and otherwise1887EP1887
Hale, Lucretia P.Fagots for the fireside1894EP1894
Hawn, Henry G., ed.One hundred choice selections1916EP1916
Head, J.H.Home pastimes1860EPBoston 1860 J.E. Tilton
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Hoffmann, May C.Games for everybody1905EP1905
Hoffmann, Prof.Parlor amusements and evening party entertainmentsxxxxEPn.d.
Hollister, Helen E.Parlor Games1905EP1905. Also rev 1909.
HoyleHoyle's games1845EP1845
HoyleHoyle's games1857EPPhiladelphia 1863 J.B.Lippincott
HoyleHoyle's games. Autograph edition1914EP1914
HoyleStandard Hoyle1909EP1909
Jacques, Mary J.Pranks and pastimes1888EP1888
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Mayne, Leger D.What shall we do tonight?1873EP1873
McCabe, James DNational encyclopaedia of business and social forms1879EPSt. Louis 1879 Baird & Dillon
Meek, Thomas S.Home library of entertainment, instruction and amusement1902EPn.p. 1902 Scull Vol 5 is The Home Book of Etiquette
Modern PriscillaHow to entertain at home1927EP1927
Mott, Mrs. Hamilton, ed.Home games and parties1898EP1898 Ladies' Home Journal Girls' Library
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Newell, William W.Games and Songs of American Children1903EP1963
Northrop, Henry D.Household encyclopaedia (sections on exercise)18xxEO18??
Nugent, MeredithNew games and amusements1905EP1905
Optic, OliverCharades and pantomimes for school and home...xxxxEPBoston n.d. DeWolfe, Fiske
Owen, EthelAbington party book1937EP1937
Peters, Charles, ed.Girl's own outdoor book1889EP1889
Planche, Frederick D.Evening amusements for every onexxxxEPn.d.
Richardson, H. D.Holiday sports and pastimes for boys1848EP1848
Sinclair, ArchibaldSwimming1893EP1893
Smiley, Mrs. Annie E.Fifty social evenings, for Epworth Leagues and home circle1894EP1894
Smith, Mrs. Caroline L.American home book of in-door games, amusements, and occupations1874EP1874
Smith, Mrs. Caroline L.Home arts for old and young1873EP1873
Smith, Mrs. Caroline L.Home games for old and young1873EP1873
Stanley, BernardGames for your partyxxxxEPn.d. (ca. 1930)
Townsend, Mrs. GraceSports and pastimes for young and old. parlor, school, church, and lawn1893EP1893
Urbino, Madame L. B.Art recreations1861EP1861
Vincent, Wallace D.Jolly book of new games1928EP1928
Warner, Miss. L.Everybody's book of parlour games for old and youngxxxxEPn.d.
Wells, Amos R.Social evenings1899EP1899
Wolcott, Theresa H.Book of games and parties for all occasions1911EP1933
naAthletic sports for boys1865EP1865
naBoy's treasury of sports, pastimes, and recreations1850EP1850
naCassell's book of sports and pastimesxxxxEPn.d.
naCollier's cyclopedia of commercial and social information etiquette section1882EPRNew York 1894 Collier rev. ed. (PJP/KB)
naConstitution of the Virginia Polytechnic German Club1917EL#226 1917 This revised constitution lists the objectives of a club organized to hold dances that consisted solely of the German, a popular parlor game wherein the participants performed a series of party games to music. The constitution lists the duties of the officers and standing committees, which included committees for refreshments, invitations, reception, and music. Part of the constitution noted that "no member of the Club shall drink any intoxicating liquor within twenty-four hours immediately preceding [the event]." 11 p; 16 cm;LOC: GV1757.V6
naDick's one hundred amusements for evening parties, picnics and social gatherings1890EPn.d.
naFamily fun, games and good times1910EPca 1910
naFamily pastime: or homes made happy1865EP1865
naFireside games for winter amusement1859EP1859
naHand book of croquet1920EPn.p. ca 1920 n.p. Pamphlet
naHood's Sarsaparilla book of parlor games1900EPLowell, Ma c.1900 C.I.Hood & Co.
naHow to play croquet1873EP1873
naManual of base ball1858EP1858
naNineteenth century games & sporting goods (1886 Peck & Snyder catalog)1971EP1971
naPuzzledom. An original collection of charades, conundrums, puzzles and games1866EP1866
naSociable, or, one thousand and one home amusements1858EP1858 (This volume includes full text of Fireside Games as pp. 172-284.)
naTableaux, charades and pantomimes1889EP1971