Toilet paper is Evil

July 17th, 2009

So I just found out that the Charmin I’ve been buying at Sam’s Club is made with old growth forests; what fraction is unclear, but it’s somewhere between 1 and 22 percent. told me that my local Biggs carried their stuff, but there was nothing in the paper isle but the evil stuff. I complained about this on the way out, and was directed to a very tiny display in a completely different part of the store, where indeed there were some very small, very expensive Seventh Generation products.

I bought one of each (TP, kleenex, white and brown paper towels) and installed them immediately (rather than waiting until the current ones ran out). So far they get top marks.

It also turns out that my friends at sell 7th generation product, in large quantities, at low cost, with free shipping and an additional 15% discount if I subscribe. Once we’ve used up our current inventory of planet raping product, I think we’ll move over to that.

Bonus points — buying less at Sam’s Club means less support for their evil empire. I’m not yet to the point that I’m willing to turn down Sam’s Club’s great deals, but I’m always glad when their deal isn’t best.

Back in the olden days we ordered a lot of 7th generation products. It feels a little weird to return to that from another route.

Speaking of raping the planet, I tried the new McDonald’s Angus Burger. Quite a good burger, by McDonald’s standards, but I don’t think I’ll be getting another. It falls into a middle ground that is neither good nor cheap. For cheap I’ll eat off their dollar menu, and for good I’ll go elsewhere.

In other news, Amelia finally got the hang of her new bike, and I’m still utterly flummoxed on how to get my Mac OSX application to handle Apple Events. More on that later.