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A GentlemanGentleman's library1760ESLondon 1760 Browne 5 ed. (OSV)(does not specifically treat ballroom etiq.)
Will, P.Practical Philosophy Of Social Life...1805ERLansingburgh
Lady of distinctionMirror of the graces1811EPSMendocino, CA 1997 Shep (Original pub.: London: Crosby) (OSV has 1817 ed.)
Wilson, ThomasThe Address; or An Essay on Deportment; as chiefly relating to the person in dancing: introductions and observations On the proper Mode of making the bow and courtesy; On the taking off and putting on the hat; On entering and on leaving a Room; On Walking; On Standing; On the use and carriage of the Arms; On the Carriage and Motion of the Body; On the Motion and Carriage of the Head; On the presenting of any thing by one person to another; On Affectation in Dancing; On the Execution of the Feet in Quadrilles and general Dancing; Quadrilles and Country Dance Figures, compared as to their Beauty and Form; On the Deportment of the Person in Quadrille Dancing and Waltzing; On Salutation at Meeting and at taking Leave &c. Illustrated by Diagrams. By Thomas Wilson, Teacher of Dancing, from the King's Theatre, Opera House; Author of several Works on Dancing &c.1821EjprLondon, 1821, the author.
naLadies' companion1824EPSWorcester 1824 Spy office. Also rev Brookfield 1826.
Moody, EleazarSchool of good manners1830ESWendell, MA 1830 Metcalf (OSV)(does not specifically treat ballroom etiq.)
L. A. Godey & Co.The Lady's Book Repository Of Art, Literature & Fashions1831ErPhiladelphia
naA Solemn warning to dancers1832EL#218 New York : N. Bangs and J. Emory for the Tract Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church,[between 1824 and1832] 4 p 18 cm.;LOC: GV1741.S45 1824
Bayle-Mouillard, Elisabeth F.The gentleman and lady's book of politeness and propriety of deportment1833ESBoston 1833 Allen & Ticknor (OSV)
naDaughter's own book1833ESBoston 1833 Lilly, Wait (OSV) (PJPxb)
A GentlemanThe laws of etiquette; or, Short rules and reflections for conduct in society. By a gentleman1836EHLSj#242 Philadelphia, Carey, Lea, and Blanchard, 1836. In a rapidly growing consumer market for etiquette manuals during the nineteenth century, this is an example of a manual that attempts to reinforce the authority of its contents by suggesting legal foundations in its title as well as the qualifications of its author, in this case "A Gentleman." The straightforward chapters include "Good Breeding," "Dress," "Balls," and "Funerals." Reissued throughout the 1840s, much of the manual is a paraphrasing to earlier texts. 172 p 14 cm;LOC: BJ1852.L28
AgogozHints on etiquette and the usages of society1836EPLondon 1947 Turnstile
Farrar, Mrs. JohnYoung lady's friend1837ESBoston 1837 American Stationers. Also rev New York 1849 Wood.
naYoung lady's book1837ESBoston 1837 Wells (OSV)(contains info on dancing but not balls)
F.A.Ladies' pocket book of etiquette1838EHn.p. 1928 Golden Cockerel (PJPxb)(HUW; H 5078.38.2)
naEtiquette for ladies1838ESPhiladelphia 1838 Carey, Lea & Blanchard (OSV) (PJPxb)
A GentlemanEtiquette for gentlemen1839EHPhiladelphia 1839 Lindsay & Blakiston (HUW)(PJPxb)
Trollope, FrancesDomestic Manners of the Americans, Fifth ed.1839EP1839
naCanons of good breeding1839ESPhiladelphia 1841 Lea & Blanchard (OSV) (PJPxb)
Beecher, Catherine E.Treatise on domestic economy (WANT - up to $75)1843EOBoston 1843 Webb (PJPxb)
D'Orsay, AlfredEtiquette; or a guide to the usages of society1843EHRSpPhiladelphia 1843 Peterson (HUW-H5078.43.3)
Parley, PeterWhat to do and how to do it1843EPNew York 1843c Sheldon
naArt of good behaviour1845ESNew York 1848 Huestis (OSV) (PJPxb)
American LadyTrue politeness1847ESNew York 1853 Leavitt & Allen (OSV) (PJPxb)
Fergurson, AnnaYoung lady1847ESLowell, MA 1848 Dayton (OSV)(does not specifically treat ballroom etiq.)
Moyria-Mailla, M. le comte Abel deManuel des usages et des manieres adoptes par les personnes...1847FHParis 1847 Ledoyen (HUW)
Smith, Matthew HaleCounsels Addressed To Young Ladies And Young Men1847ERBoston
An American GentlemanTrue Politeness, Hand-Book Of Etiquette For Gentlemen1848ERSNew York 1848 Leavitt & Allen (OSV) (PJPxb)
T. W. Strong, publ.The Gentleman's Fashionable Valentine Writer1848cERN.Y.
Alcott, Wm. A.The Young Wife, Or Duties Of A Woman In The Marriage Relation1849ERna
Society of GentlemenArt of conversing1849EPBoston 1849 James French
Huestis & Cozans, publ.The Art Of Good Behavior And Letter Writer...1850ERN.Y.
naAmerican ladies' memorial1850EPBoston 1850 Cornhill (PJP) (PJPx)
naEncyclopedia of manners and etiquette1850EPLondon 1850 H.G. Bohn
James Miller, publ.The Ladies' Hand-Book Of Etiquette & Manual Of Politeness1850cERNY
Seaton, Mr. JThe Ballroom Manual and Etiquette of Dancing1851ETr1851, Halifax, Milner and Sowerby
Webster, Alfred Mrs.Dancing, as a means of physical education; with remarks on deformities, and their prevention and cure. By Mrs. Alfred Webster1851ELj#165 London, D. Bogue 1851. In her strong defense of dance and its application to female physical education, Mrs. Webster declares that dancing, as a exercise, "is the very best safeguard against the evils of over mental education." While she approves of calisthenics and various mechanical apparatus-including swings and pulleys and a "prone couch"-she delivers a stinging rebuke regarding the wearing of corsets. 56 p. 22 cm.;LOC: GV1599.W5
naArt of pleasing1852EPCincinnati 1853 Rulison
Leslie, Miss (Eliza)Behaviour book: a manual for ladies1853EPPhiladelphia 1853 Hazard 3 ed. (PJP)
Carpenter, D. L.The Amateur's-Preceptor on Dance & Etiquette by Prof. D. L. Carpenter of Philadelphia.1854EjprM'laughlin brothers, steam-power printers, bulletin building, Philadelphia.
Leslie, Miss (Eliza)Behaviour book1854ESPhiladelphia 1854 Hazard 4 ed. (OSV)(PJPxb)
Thayer, William M.Pastor's wedding gift1854EPBoston 1854 Jewett (PJP)
Doran, Dr.Habits and men with remnants of record touching the makers of both1855EPNew York 1855 Redfield
Marennes, M. le vicomte deManuel de l'homme et de la femme comme il faut1855FHParis 1855 Librarie Nouvelle (HUW-H5078.55)
naIllustrated manners book1855EHNew York 1855 Stringer & Townsend (HUW)(PJPxb)(PJPxd)
naHow to behave1856EONew York n.d. Fowler & Wells (KB)(PJPxb)Bound in: Hand-books for home improvement
L. A. Godey & Co.Godey's Lady's Book1857ERPhiladelphia
Lunettes, HenryAmerican gentleman's guide to politeness and fashion1857EHPNew York 1857 Derby & Jackson Dress section copied. (HUW-H5078.57.9)
Thornwell, EmilyThe lady's guide to perfect gentility, in manners, dress, and consversation ... also a useful instructor in letter writing1857ELT#241 New York, Derby & Jackson; Cincinnati, H. W. Derby & co., 1857. Etiquette manuals are an important source for information on issues relating to the study of nineteenth-century social dance. Thornwell discusses the complexion, appropriate dress, introductions, behavior at parties, rules "on polite, easy, and graceful deportment," hints for conversation including "words, and sayings to be avoided," and concludes with chapters on needle-work and dress-making. Although much of Thornwell's manual was extracted from E. C. de Calabrella's 1844, The Ladies' Science of Etiquette, the manual was popular enough to be reissued ten times between 1857 and 1890. 226 p 19 cm. Also reprint 1979, San Marino, Ca., Huntington Library.;LOC: BJ1856 .T5 (Toner Coll.)
naChesterfield's art of letter-writing simplified1857EPEvansville, IN 1857 Crescent City. Also rev 1860.
Arthur, T.S.Advice to young ladies excerpts1858EOPipestone,MN 1995 Laser Writers excerpts reprinted in Melcher, Etiquette for every occasion
Day, Charles W.Hints on etiquette and the usages of society1858EHBoston 1858 Ticknor Also 1844
Cabrella, Countess ofLadies' science of etiquette1859EHPhiladelphia n.d. Peterson (HUW-H5078.43.3)
Leslie, Miss (Eliza)Miss Leslie's behaviour book1859EH1972 (HUW-H5078.59.21)
naBeadle's dime book of practical etiquette1859EHpNew York 1859 Beadle (PJPx)(HUW-H5078.59.5)
Hartley, Cecil B.Gentlemen's book of etiquette1860EPTPhiladelphia 1860 G.G.Evans Ball. Also rev 1874, Boston, J. S. Locke.
Hartley, FlorenceThe Ladies' Book of Etiquette1860EPT1860, Boston, G. W. Cottrell. Also rev 1870, 1873. Also reprint 1993 Davenport, IA Amazon Drygoods
Hartley, FlorenceThe Ladies' Book Of Etiquette And Manual Of Politeness1860ERBoston
Willis, Henry P.Etiquette, and the usages of society1860EHPNew York 1860 Dick. Also reprint 1997.
Hillgrove, ThomasA complete practical guide to the art of dancing. Containing descriptions of all fashionable and approved dances, full directions for calling the figures, the amount of music required; hints on etiquette, the toilet, etc.1863EJLPR#293 New York, Dick & Fitzgerald 1863. New York dancing master Hillgrove acknowledges that he has "availed himself of all the books from which he might elicit any valuable information." Indeed, very little of the manual is original. Divided into six parts, Hillgrove discusses the benefits of dance, dress, deportment and etiquette in the ballroom and the supper room. The second part focuses on bows and courtesies, positions of the feet, and provides exercises for the feet and legs. The third and fourth parts discuss the quadrille and provide many figures; the fifth part is devoted to round dances such as the waltz, polka, schottisch, galop, and polka mazurka. The last section focuses on more quadrille figures and other group dances such as the "Virginia Reel," "Money Musk," and College Hornpipe. 237 p 17 cm;LOC: GV1751.H63
Leland, Charles G.Art of conversation (selections reprinted in Civil War Etiquette)1864EONew York 1988 Carleton (PJP) Selections reprinted in Civil War Etiquette
Manners, Mrs.At home and abroad or, how to behave1864EPNew York 1864 D. Appleton Intended for children
naEtiquette letter-writer1864EPPhiladelphia 1864 Lippincott Cover loose, some pages det.
naHabits of good society1865EPNew York 1865 Carleton Ball section copied
naRoutledge's etiquette for gentlemen reprint in Melcher, Etiquette for every occasion1865EOPipestone,MN 1995 Laser Writers reprinted in Melcher, Etiquette for every occasion
Martine, ArthurHandbook of Etiquette1866EPT1866, NY, Dick & Fitzgerald. Also reprint 1988.
Martine, ArthurMartine's Hand-Book Of Etiquette & Guide To True Politeness1866ERNY
Hale, Mrs.Manners, or happy homes and good society...1868EOBoston 1972 Tilton (Brandeis?)(PJPxb)
naBazar book of decorum1870EPNew York 1870c Harper & bros. Covers loose, ball section copied
Hill, Thos. E.Hill's manual of social and business forms1873EPAlso rev 1880, 1885. Also reprint 1969, 1971.
naAmerican book of genteel behavior1875EPNew York 1875 Hurst (PJP)
Eyebright, DaisyManual of etiquette with hints on good breeding...1876EPNew York 1876 Putnam's (KB)(PJPxb)(PJPxd)
Attwood, Francis G.Manners and customs of the Harvard student1877EPBoston 1877 Osgood (PJP)
Duffey, E. B.Ladies and gentleman's etiquette1877EPPhiladelphia 1877 Coates (PJP) (PJPxb)
naDecorum, a practical treatise on etiquette and dress...1877EPNew York 1879 Ruth (PJP) (PJPxb)
Ward, Mrs. H.O.Sensible etiquette of the best society1878EPPhiladelphia 1878c Porter & Coates Ball section copied
naSocial etiquette of New York1878EHNew York 1880 Appleton (HUW)
Countess of ******Mixing in society1879EPLondon & New York 1879 G. Routledge Ball section copied
Young, John H.Our Deportment, Or The Manners, Conduct & Dress...1879EPRDetroit also 1881, 1882 Dickinson rev. & ill. (PJP)(PJPxb)
Rayne, Mrs. M. L.Gems of deportment and hints of etiquette1880EPDetroit 1881 Tyler
Ward, Mrs. H.O.Young lady's friend1880EPPhiladelphia 1880c Porter & Coates
naStandard book on politeness, good behavior and social etiquette...1881EPNew York 1881c M. Young Covers det.
Houghton, Walter R. et al.American etiquette and rules of politeness1882EPChicago 1882c Rand, McNally 6th ed. Ball section copied. Cover loose.
Stevens, FrancesUsages of best society1884EONew York 1884 Burt (MLee)(PJPxc)(PJPxb)
Rivers, Charles H.A full description of modern dances. By C. H. Rivers1885ELr#146 Brooklyn 1885. Unlike earlier manuals that contained detailed information on etiquette, this manual reflects the trend of late nineteenth-century manuals to shorten or eliminate such information. This manual contains only one-third of a page of etiquette. Dances described include the waltz (with reversing steps), polka, schottisch, polka redowa, polka mazurka, galop, quadrilles, contra dances ("Scilian Circle," "Spanish Dance" and "Rustic Reel"). Thirty-seven figures are given for the popular series of party game figures known as the cotillon or German. 63 p 16 x 13 cm;LOC: GV1751.R62
naEtiquette, Rules and Usages of the best Society1886EPPromotional Reprint 1995 Leicester (Abridged(?) facsimile of Melbourne original, t.p. omitted)
Hall, Florence H.Social customs1887EHPBoston 1887c Estes & Lauriat. Also rev 1911.
Sherwood, Mary Elizabeth Wilson (1830-1903)Manners and social usages, by Mrs. John Sherwood1887EL#237 New York, Harper & brothers, 1887. Etiquette manuals are an important sources of information on ballrooms and social dance during the nineteenth-century. Sherwood's book is an exceptional source for etiquette as it was practiced in the late 1880s. Additionally, of the book's fifty-nine chapters, two are devoted to dancing and balls. 487 p 18 cm. Also rev 1884, 1897.;LOC: BJ1852.S54 1887
Armstrong, Lucie H.Good Form1889EPLondon 1889 White (PJP)
Greene, William EThe terpsichorean monitor. By William E. Greene1889ELr#090 Providence, R.I., E. A. Johnson & co., printers, 1889. This manual, a compilation of previously published materials, includes a brief discussion on dancing and deportment, bows (which the author considers the "criteria of good breeding"), and a section on introductons with instructions on how to shake hands. The book also covers information on the duties of an escort, how to ask a lady to dance, and responsibilities of guests. General information is provided on quadrilles and the cotillon (also known as the German). However, the only dances described in detail are the figures for three quadrilles. 39 p. 9 cm.;LOC: GV1751.G79
Logan, John A.Home manual1889EPBoston, MA 1889c A.M.Thayer
naGood manners. Metropolitan culture series.1889EPNew York 1889 Butterick 3 ed.
Fred'k A. Stokes, publ.Good Form, Manners Good And Bad...1890ERN.Y.
McAllister, WardSociety as I have found it1890EPNew York 1890c Cassell
Wells, Richard A.Manners, culture and dress of the best American society1890EPRSpringfield, MA 1891 King, also 1893
Morton, Agnes H.Etiquette1892EPPhiladelphia 1911 Penn Pub Co. rev. ed. (PJP)
naBest dressed man1892EPLondon 1892 Dore (PJP)
Sandison, G.H.How to behave and how to amuse1895EPPhiladelphia 1895c Historical
Cooke, Maud C.Social etiquette, or manners and customs of polite society1896EPRTBoston 1896 Smith
House and HomePractical book. In two volumes. Vol. 11896EPChicago 1894-1896 Rand, McNally (PJP)
Library, Gail & Ax's NavyGood Form1896ErN.Y.
Member of the aristocracyManners and rules of good society1896EPRLondon. 14 ed. (PJP)
Humphry, Mrs.Manners for men1897EPExeter 1979 Webb& Bower Ball section copied
Humphry, Mrs.Manners for women1897EPExeter 1979 Webb& Bower Has no dance chapter.
Member of SocietyHow to Do It or, Book of Etiquette1898EP1898
Holt, EmilyEncyclopaedia of etiquette1901EPRGarden City, NY also 1915 Doubleday (PJP)
Kingsland, Mrs. BurtonEtiquette for all occasions1901EPNew York 1901 Doubleday, Page & Co.
Morris, Prof. CharlesStandard book of etiquette1901EPn.p. 1901 n.p. (PJP)
naNew century perfect speaker1901EPn.p. 1901 Coulter Etiquette section, pp. 413-554
Hall, Florence H.Correct thing in good society1902EPBoston 1902c Page
Sangster, Margaret E.Good manners for all occasions1904EPNew York 1904 Christian Herald
Harland, MarionMarion Harland's complete etiquette1905EPIndianapolis 1914 Bobbs-Merrill
Bergh, Lillie d'A..Correct social usage1907EHNew York N.Y. Society of Self-Culture (HUW-H5079.03.12) also 1909
Sherwood, Mrs. JohnManners and social usages1907EPNew York Harper & Brothers. Also rev 1912, 1918. Text very different from 19th c. eds.
Starrett, Helen E.Charm of fine manners, being a series of letters to a daughter1907EPPhiladelphia 1920 Lippincott (PJP)
Howard-Smith, LoganGood Times At Home1909ERna
Ordway, Edith B.Etiquette of today1913EPNew York 1913 Sully & Kleinteich
Roberts, Helen L.Putnam's handbook of etiquette1913EPNew York 1913 Putnam's Sons (PJP)
Milton, BertHow to Behave in a Ballroom1914ERT1914, Boston, A.M. Davis Company, in Caffins' book Dancing and Dancers of Today. 1912, NY: Dodd, Mead, & Co. (humor)
Allen, Lucy G.Table service1915EPBoston 1928 Little, Brown
Chesterfield, MortimerEtiquette for every occasion1916EPChicago 1916c Shrewesbury
Klickman, FloraEtiquette of to-day1916EPLondon n.d. Office of Girl's Own (PJP)
Dewey, Vivian PersisTips to dancers, good manners for ballroom and dance hall, by V. Persis Dewey1918EL#204 Kenosha, Wis., 1918. This small manual of less than thirty pages is aimed at a non-urban population and, although it contains substantial sections on etiquette and the value of good manners, the only dances mentioned by Dewey are the one step and foxtrot. Advice includes "A man should not try to dance in his stiff, heavy, working shoes," and admonishments to remove chewing gum from the pockets so "you will not be tempted to use it at the party." 31 p 20 cm;LOC: GV1599.D4
Bergengren, RalphThe Perfect Gentleman1919ET1919, reprint 1967, NY, Books for Libraries
Eichler, LillianBook of etiquette1921EPTGarden City, NY 1923 Nelson Doubleday 2 vols.
Green, W.C.Book of good manners1922EPNew York 1922c Social Mentor
Lane, HarrietBook of Culture1922EPNew York 1922c Social Mentor
Post, EmilyEtiquette in society, in business, in politics and at home1922EPNew York 1923 Funk & Wagnalls. Also reprint 1943. Also reprint 1969.
Stewart, Donald OgdenPerfect Behavior, A Guide For Ladies And Gentlemen...1922EPRNew York 1922c Doran. Also reprint New York 1964 Dover.
Hale, Virginia S.Book of etiquette1923EPNew York 1923 Dell Cover det.
Learned, Ellin CEverybody's complete etiquette1923EPNew York 1923 Stokes (PJP)
Thornborough, LauraEtiquette for everybody1923EPNew York 1923c Barse
Eichler, LillianThe Book Of Etiquette1925ERN.Y.
Gaskell, EthelDancing Do's and Don't's1925ET1925, London, Methuen & Company, Ltd.
Ford, Mr. and Mrs. HenryGood Morning; Old Fashioned Dancing Revived1926EJPRTDearborn Publishing Company, Dearborn, Michigan. pp 169
Rives, Halle E.Complete book of etiquette with social forms for all occasions1926EPPhiladelphia 1926 Winston (PJP)
Arsdale, May B.Manners now and then1940EPNew York 1940 Harcourt Brace (PJP)
Schlesinger, Arthur M.Learning how to behave1946EPNew York 1946 MacMillan
Bobbitt, Mary R.Bibliography of etiquette books published in America before 19001947ESpNew York 1947 NY Public Library (OSV)(PJPx)
Vanderbilt, AmyComplete book of Etiquette1952ET1952, reprint 1958, NY, Doubleday & Co.
Wildeblood, JoanThe Polite Word1965ET1965, reprint 1973, London, Davis Poynter
Sloane, EricDon't: A Little Book of Early American Gentility1968ET1968, NY, Funk & Wagnalls
Aresty, Esther B.Best behavior1970EPNew York 1970 Simon & Schuster (PJP)
Elias, NorbetThe History of Manners1978ETTranslation by Edmund Jephcott, 1978, NY, Pantheon
Bernier, OliverThe Eighteenth-century Woman1981ET1981, NY, Doubleday Co., Inc. in association with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Macdonald, GerardDear Prudence1985EPLondon 1985c Century Pub.
Kasson, John F.Rudeness and civility1990EPNew York 1990 Hill & Wang (PJP)
Aldrich, ElizabethFrom the Ballroom to Hell - Grace and Folly in Nineteenth Century Dance1991EJPNorthwestern University Press, Evanston, Illinois. pp 225;LOC: GV1619.A43
Melcher, Joy, Comp.Etiquette for every occasion1995EPPipestone, MN 1995c Laser Writers Contains Arthur excerpts and Anon (Routledge's)
naComplete Rules of Etiquette860xEO1860 Bound with: Chesterfield's...Letter Writing
AmericanLadies and gentleman's American EtiquettexxxxEPBoston n.d. J. Buffum
Brown, Charles W.Complete letter writerxxxxEPChicago n.d. M.A.Donohue Spine broken
Doyle, RichardManners and customs of the EnglishexxxxEPLondon n.d. Bradbury & Evans (PJP)
Jerome, Jerome K.Stage-land: curious habits and customs...xxxxEPNew York n.d. John W. Lovell
M.C.Everybody's book of correct conductxxxxEPLondon n.d. Saxon Cover loose
naComplete Etiquette for Ladies and GentlemenxxxxEPLondon n.d. Ward, Lock & Co. Spine loose
naEtiquette of modern societyxxxxEPLondon n.d. Ward, Lock Binding loose
naEtiquette, politeness, and good breedingxxxxEHGlasgow n.d. Cameron & Ferguson (HUW-H5078.70)
naGood girl's soliloquyxxxxESNew York n.d. Wood (OSV)(does not specifically treat ballroom etiq.)