You're not half fast Communication is the world's most difficult problem Lord what fools these mortals be Fair to middlin' Cheap at half the price
The best laid plans 'o mice and men Four year and $40,000 later Rotten urchins Goddam sheep You brought it on yourself
More than Johnson has little liver pills Not half bad Well done! He doesn't know shit from Shinola Smart-ass son-in-law.
How 'bout them apples Six of one, half dozen of the other Faster than a herd of turtles She walks, she talks, she wiggles like a fish Don't leave your towels in a clump!
Hartford, Heverford and Hampshire Let a woman in your life! That's what the actress said to the bishop We ARE a marvelous sex Hold her Newt. . . . she's heading for the barn

We even have more than we need...